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Atlas Negro: Infernum seeks your request

atlas negro: infernum first person horror game that seeks your request for linux with windows pc

Atlas Negro: Infernum first person horror game that seeks your request for Linux with Windows PC. According to further details from developer Night Council Studio. Which now has a Demo live on Steam with a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

The survival horror Atlas Negro: Infernum, presents both a teaser trailer and its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Night Council Studio, the developers, aim to fully develop the game’s potential and quality. Due to offering extra content and exclusive rewards for those that love video games. For those who like horror and story telling.

We have not yet evaluated the possibility of porting the game to other systems. But we will consider a port to Linux depending on the users who request it.

This is the comment on the Steam forum. Of course, it’s also a bit daunting for a Unity 3D game. But does offer hope for those interested in a good first person horror game. Since developers don’t always view Wishlist support to add more platforms.

Atlas Negro: Infernum | Trailer

There is a Windows PC Demo on Steam, that runs very well on Linux via Proton. And to my own surprise, the game is actually good with a unique story.

Atlas Negro: Infernum remains aware of the economic cost. This is due to the mental effort of creating and developing a great game. The studio offers realistic targets for their Kickstarter Stretch Goals. While aiming to gradually increase the final quality and add meaningful content. Among the available rewards, which promise to be varied and of excellent quality.

Atlas Negro: Infernum first person horror game’s Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is live. But so far Windows PC is a given, maybe Mac, and with enough support Linux. So be sure to check out the Demo on Steam, it’s worth it. Due to launch in December 2023.

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