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ATOM RPG final release date is here

atom rpg final release date is here on linux mac windows

ATOM RPG is complete, the final release date arrives on Linux, Mac and Windows. Taking places in must over a year, that some impressive development for AtomTeam. The team gives credit to the games amazing growth due to the two hour long Kickstarter beta.

ATOM RPG has now grown into gameplay you can get lost in. With 100+ hours that await those players willing to invest. The developers also gives credit to the players themselves. All of the feedback and constant support.

Gameplay is a combination of both Fallout and Wasteland inspired RPG’s. Evolving into a title that is more or less original as development progressed. Also, the high point for me, it’s completely non-linear. Featuring more than 450+ NPC characters, each with a unique portrait. As well as a branching dialogue and his or her own place in the world’s structure.

Atom RPG – Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

If you can make it through more than 100 hours. ATOM RPG has various endings and different paths with each of them. The games perk system, skills and traits allow you to create any character type you can imagine. Ranging from a true brawler or an intelligent traveller.

ATOM RPG final release comes with more than 250 unique quests. Ranging from simple to epic, from partially hidden to in-your-face obvious.

It has 90+ different locations, scattered around three global maps. It holds 100+ types of weapons, 30+ types of enemies, and even a car. A lot is possible in this living world, the fate of which largely depends on your gameplay choices.

Even now that the full release date is here, there will be more even content to come. Arriving in the shape of free DLC’s and patches.

So the final release date is here and ATOM RPG priced at $14.99 USD. Even at full price, the games not really expensive for what you get. And it’s available on Linux, Mac and Windows.

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