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Attack of the Earthlings games launching now

attack of the earthlings games launching now for linux windows games steam

Attack of the Earthlings is officially launching today via Steam games for Linux, Mac and Windows. Bringing with it a new adventure. Somewhat like XCOM, but with a comical interlude.

So the independent Scottish developer, Team Junkfish, brings eclectic turn-based alien adventure. Which is also available now for $24.99 / £19.99 / €22.99 via Steam.

Attack of the Earthlings the humans behind Galactoil. Which is an interstellar corporation of comically dysfunctional energy. Having now traveled light years to Planet X13. Since they parked a gigantic space drill to extract fossil fuel reserves. Sipping a rare daisy in the sun and hunting big insects.

However, their latest foray into energy exploration has put them in a bind. Since they have unconsciously crushed a native species. And of course that species and the surviving “Swarmers” are screaming for blood.

Combining turn-based combat and stealth in a dark. So single-player single comical campaign influenced by the comic styles of “The IT Crowd” and“Father Ted.” Players take control of the  “Swarmers,” a kind of Highly aggressive insectoid. Who must turn humans into aliens. So evolve your units and even find the time to celebrate a birthday party. All while you stop the games interplanetary assault of Earthlings.

Attack of the Earthlings Cinematic (Linux, Mac, Windows)

To stop the invasion, the  “Swarmers”  must plan the attacks carefully, emerging from the vents and lockers to take the human prey by surprise, and ambush several enemies at the same time to avoid detection. The more earthlings die, the more corpses can be consumed and transformed into new units with specialized roles and unique abilities. The flesh of its own workers is the key ingredient to develop a successful alien insurgency against Galactoil.

You must fight, in your own way, against the interplanetary drill of Galactoil. Through absurd environments and extravagant characters. With the aim of defeating the final enemy:  top management!

Team Junkfish described the game as “a breath of fresh air” for the studio, a fairly prolific blast that exploded into talent, such as voice actor  SungWon Cho,  who brings to life X13’s regional mining operations manager, Dennis Dickinham, a Man enormously disqualified and overpaid. A gregarious companion who finds joy in everything, whether throwing a few rounds of golf with the children or enhancing the power of the infirmary to the massage chairs of the boardroom, it is a delight to be near Dickinham! Never, never utter the phrase “bad idea” in your presence.

The original soundtrack of the game comes from the hand of the composer MikolaiStroinski  ( Vanishing of Ethan Carter, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Blood & Wine ).

Launching via Steam games:

Attack of the Earthlings is official launching on Steam today. This also includes support for Linux, Mac and Windows. The game’s price is: $24.99 / £19.99 / €22.99 with a 10% launch week discount.

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