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Attack of the Evil Poop hits crowdfunding

Attack of the Evil Poop hits crowdfunding for linux mac windows games on steam

Attack of the Evil Poop hilarious game now crowdfunding for Linux, Mac and Windows coming to Steam. The games Indiegogo campaign is in support of solo dev, Alejandro Navarro. Who is now looking to raise awareness about our eating habits. Where Nick, who is the main character, is a chubby writer. Who then travels to Latin America to find some inspiration for his book.

So if you imagine, that every time we go to the toilet your body talks to you:

“You are not feeding me correctly!”, right?
Well, in fact, it does, but we don’t listen to it. So from now on, diplomacy, patience, and sympathy are gone!
Your body is on a strike and it won’t be the one who will continue talking to you…You will have to deal directly with its subordinates!

Attack of the Evil Poop – official trailer, (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Attack of the Evil Poop mixes a unique game mechanic with humour and madness developed via Unity 3D.
Since the main goal is to survive the games many and various attacks. All from these little disgusting enemies. Before they finish off all your toilet paper rolls. Or before your girlfriend enters and discovers your dark secret.

With an environment almost completely destructible. A little mouse is the storekeeper who supplies you with items and weapons. All in exchange for golden corns. This also includes a meal menu, from which your next enemy will depend on.

With a difficulty curve implemented to challenge players. While learning how to combat these little annoying guests. Allowing players to also master the games mechanics. Unlocking and accessing every element.

“I hope people will enjoy this game as much as I have done meanwhile I was creating it. Laughing at the foolish things that appear in this game. I think we need more humour and the fact of laughing at these very simple things, make us to be nearer and humanize us. After all, who hasn’t ever been through an embarrassing moment related to this?”, Alejandro.

Crowdfunding and Steam games release:

Attack of the Evil Poop will be available on Windows via Steam Q1 2018. Expecting to release later on Linux, Mac and on mobile. Which all depends on the Indiegogo campaign crowdfunding success.

Is this called a first person tower defense if you’re fighting off a bunch of crap?

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