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Attrition: Tactical Fronts strategy releases

attrition: tactical fronts turn-based strategy releases in linux mac windows games

Attrition: Tactical Fronts turn-based strategy hits Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. The games the here thanks to developer Cardboard. Which brings fast-paced combat to classic World War inspired turn-based strategy. Since gameplay is accessible and fast-paced. Without sacrificing tactical variety and depth.

So players choose from either single player against AI. Complete with full campaign. Face off against a friend in online multiplayer. Procedurally generated skirmish maps. Which also includes the facility to create and share custom maps. Doing so with other players via Steam Workshop. Which ensures unlimited replayability in either single or multiplayer modes.

Attrition: Tactical Fronts Strategy Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Attrition: Tactical Fronts Features:

  • Quick-fire, hex-based, turn-by-turn gameplay, like a digital board game but with endless unit and board combinations.
  • 17 mission single-player campaign with hand crafted maps, perfectly paced for players to learn unit and terrain types and combinations before offering more challenging scenarios that will prep players for face offs against human opponents in online multiplayer.
  • Integrated Map Editor for uploading levels to Steam Workshop, plus the option to procedurally generate skirmish maps on demand.
  • Both handmade and procedural maps are playable versus AI or in multiplayer – ideal for gamers who prefer to play against human opponents, or for players who prefer to take on other people’s maps against the formidable AI.
  • 11 unique World War themed unit types and 15 terrain types with a range of distinctive gameplay modifiers, including modelling of suppression, deployment constraints, elevation and more.

So gameplay is easy to learn for newcomers to strategy gaming. Still challenging for masters of the genre. This is addictive fast-paced gaming of tiny heroics. So gameplay will likely appeal to any armchair general.

No mouse cllick recognized in menu Fix:

Here’s a thread about the same issue in a different game, in which some Linux users can resolve the issue by running the game windowed, or by disabling their anti-virus.

Three ways to run the game windowed without mouse input:

  1. Hold Alt while launching the game forces the pre-launch config to appear
  2. Use the fullscreen keybind for your OS (often Alt+Enter)
  3. Add the “-screen-fullscreen 0” launch parameter to the game

As is also mentioned in that thread it appears to be an engine-level issue. Newer versions of the Unity 3D engine do fix the issue. But currently version-locked. As an engine feature the game is built on top of is currently only in this version. When Unity does introduce this feature in a future version we’ll be upgrading the releases ASAP!

Steam and Itch releases:

Attrition: Tactical Fronts releases on Steam with 20% discount until March 13th. Which also includes support for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games available on at full price of $14.99 USD but version

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