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atWar Online Strategy War Game Now Available on Linux

atwar free to play online strategy available for linux

The free-to-play online strategy war game, atWar, can now be played on Linux thanks to the new browser plugin, Pipelight. Pipelight is a browser plugin that allows Linux users to run Silverlight apps in their browser.

atWar is an indie developed f2p online game, similar to RISK. It includes multiple maps to play on, including user-generated ones ranging from fantasy settings to modern warfare to outer space. The game features unique troop movement based on range, not based on a map or grid. It also features upgrades players can earn through playing, unlocking new units and tactics.

Recently, the developers added new in-game radio support, as well as new advanced options meant for tournament play. In the coming months, development will begin to convert atWar to an HTML5 game, enabling it for play on both browser and tablets.

For more information or to create an account and play for free in your browser, you can visit the the official website.

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