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Aura of Worlds coming to Early Access

aura of worlds roguelite platformer coming to early access for windows then linux

Aura of Worlds a creative strategy roguelite platformer for Windows on Steam Early Access soon, but coming to Linux. The games also launching on Steam April 24th. Gameplay has a strong focus on exploration and improvisation. As well as manipulating the environment to your advantage.
So it’s up to you to survive, utilizing your wits, reflexes and creative abilities.

What about Linux support?

Linux release:

“Linux Release; I’d estimate half a year to a year.

While the game doesn’t yet have a Linux port yet. That is on the roadmap (it’s a matter of swapping out one of the graphics libraries and alot of testing)

That said our Mac and Linux testers have stated that it plays well with emulation tools such as Wine”

So that being said, the Linux release is in the mix. But not for about 6 months. So closer to the fall, possibly late summer.
Also, developer Cognitive Forge will keep focus community feedback and development. This means Wine is the only answer for the time being.

Also the roadmap is not yet public. And expect updates from Cognitive Forge via the Steam Discussion Forum. Since this is the main focus for Aura of Worlds on Early Access.

So back to gameplay. Where players will have outrun death walls and escape flooding passages. Facing off against gargantuan bosses that have made entire mazes their home.
Do you play defensively with the spear and shield? Or swing into the fray with a grappling hook and boomerang?
Maybe you scour the levels for potions and runes? Or do you dive headfirst into the chaos?

Aura of Worlds – Steam Trailer (Windows, Linux later)

Coming Features:

  • Over 70 unique enemies and traps and 8+ randomized level themes. Such include tidal corridors filled with mines, rising lava, caverns lined with toxic and carnivorous plants…
  • A plethora of creative abilities ranging from parkhour to cloaking to warping time itself!
  • Every object has multiple uses E.g. you can grab that lantern from the ceiling, and carry it around to use as a portable light source or improvised flaming molotov…
  • Hand crafted pixel art and animations by Jessica Turner and Lachlan Cartland
  • Custom sound/music by Mat Dwyer and Amanda J. Lim
  • Each situation is intended to be challenging but solvable with planning and agility. For example, there is a laser forcefield trap in front of you. Do you throw an enemy into it? Blow up the conduit with a grenade? Blink through it? Cloak yourself to pass through undetected?
  • There is a multitude of mechanics such as cones of visions for enemies, turret hacking, grab and throw almost everything, mouse aiming, 2d spherical lighting and terraforming…

Aura of Worlds Early Access release:

Aura of Worlds is coming to release on Steam Early Access for Windows on April 24th. There is also an Itch, priced at $9 USD with a 10% discount. Which does include a Steam code.
Since the Linux build will be coming later. Development in Early Access is for player feedback and development.

Also, check out further details on the official website. Follow on Twitter.

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