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Authoring Tools Framework – Valve and Sony give Github some Game Development Love

One of the hardest things for console #developers is navigating the tools and environments required to make #games for a system.  It was also often an expensive investment getting your hands on a dev kit and its documentation.  Throughout gaming history consoles have ultimately become successful or failed based on how easy it was to use these tools and how widely available they were for a large number of third parties to build a massive library.  Sony has just made a bold move to strengthen their position at the top of this console war.

Sony has released some of the development tools (Authoring Tools Framework) they use to make first party titles online in full and beautiful open source.  Now anyone can have an easier time writing the tools needed to create necessary parts of a game engine, such as level editors and the like.  Think of it as being handed the first machine on the assembly line of game development for free with a well-documented manual on how it works and the ability to tool around with it openly.  This will be a massive boon to would be developers who can now take their first steps to putting a game on Sony’s platform at no cost on Github.

Valve got in the action as well.  They released a tool set (Authoring Tools Framework) that helps taking DirectX games and getting them to work in OpenGL so that they aren’t anchored to the Windows operating systems.  This will be a boon to developers who want to port their games to Steam OS in the near future.  This also appeared on Github and is completely open source, which is great because some would call this tool little more than a quick and dirty hack that needs some love and the open source community might be just the right group to do it.  This way Valve doesn’t have to spend their own resources improving this tool set and it allows it to be open and free for anyone to get their hands on if they need it.


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