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Auto Age: Standoff will not see a native release

auto age standoff could see a linux release in steam games

Auto Age: Standoff chaos of twelve-player online combat could see a Linux Steam release. Well according to developer Phantom Compass it’s somewhat likely.

Auto Age: Standoff was built on the Unity engine.
We are open to doing a Linux port. But do not currently have specific plans to bring the game to any additional platforms.”

Okay, so a Linux release might happen. The Unity 3D engine aspect sounds about right.
Given that the games release was back in September, we should have native support. Since the Steam Reviews sit at 80% Positive. Ideally this is more than enough to call a title, successful.

That being said, developer Phantom Compass have given a reason. While personally, this looks like a case of minimal experience with Linux. As well as the development team seeing a limited player base.

“We would lose money on the port, as we have certain license fees to pay to reach the Linux platform. And there are only a handful of people who expressed interest in a Linux port. On top of this, we would potentially have expenses related to tech support specifically for the Linux version of the app. The game only retails for $10USD, so -any- tech support is basically a money-losing proposition for us.”

Auto Age: Standoff – Launch Trailer:

What is Auto Age: Standoff?

Choose your side and speed full throttle into a deadly car combat. Hurl headlong into the chaos of twelve-player online combat. Also classic couch co-op. Maybe or even do both.

Since the games a versatile split-screen play. So maybe a good skirmish privately? Or team up together in online battles.

Auto Age: Standoff Customization:

  • 14+ vehicles including light, medium, heavy and tower classes
  • 30+ weapons and gadgets to use in customization

Multiplayer modes:

  • Deathmatch: free-for-all and team-based. The classic killfest you know and love.
  • Point Capture: team. Capture and control the point to win.
  • Cube Command: free-for-all and team-based. Carry the cube to gain points.

Also, Auto Age: Standoff includes original soundtrack. This features music from Toronto’s own Jim Guthrie. Who lends his considerable talents to notable Canadian indie games. Such as Sound Shapes, Below, and Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery. Guthrie is also responsible for the soundtrack to Indie Game: The Movie.

Steam games, no Linux:

Auto Age: Standoff is a game of car combat and multiplayer strategy. The games available now on Steam for Windows. Therefore we will not see a Linux release.

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