Automachef a resource management puzzler

automachef a resource management puzzler in linux windows pc games

Automachef is a resource management puzzler games coming to Windows, but also has sights on Linux. Thanks to indie developer Hermes Interactive and global games label Team17. Which is coming this summer to Steam.

This puzzler requires plenty of brain food as players will be faced with increasingly challenging culinary conundrums! Automachef will be available on Steam and Nintendo Switch in Summer 2019.

Linux Support:

“We are making the game using Unity, so a port to Linux should be quite easy to accomplish. As a Linux user myself it’s something I have a particular interest in.”

So this is good news from Hermes Interactive. But the dev’s also go on to explain a small disclaimer. Since this depends on “how stable the game looks when we start making builds and the resources we have to fix any problems.” Which means we may have a day one release. But this all depends on the success of the native build.
Still it’s a pleasure to see a developer with a vested interest in Linux. Not mention having focus on a native port too.

Automachef Official Trailer (Windows PC and Linux)

So let’s explain Automachef. Where players are tasked with creating a series of fully automated kitchens. Those that can produce a variety of dishes. Each one is a puzzle where you must overcome spatial, energy and design challenges.
So you have to take care and monitor energy. Also ingredient consumption, fire and infestation risks.
Players must plan, position and program numerous machines. Making sure they can slice, cook, assemble and serve delicious meals.

Each kitchen in Automachef will require multiple machines. All in order to take, process and complete orders. So it’s up to the player to decide which machines are needed for each recipe. Also where to place them in order to deliver meals in a timely manner. They won’t be alone in this culinary journey. Fellow human Robert Person will be there to guide them, at least…. he claims to be a human.


  • Three tasty modes! Take on the campaign, build a business in Contracts Mode or play untethered in Test Site Mode
  • Feisty robots! Well, robot. Throughout your time in Automachef, you will be accompanied by Robert Person who will offer you help and abundant charm
  • Machines! From the order reader to the assembler and everything in between, you must tell each machine what it needs to do (they can’t think for themselves…yet)
  • Human food! Whether it’s cheeseburgers or salads, each recipe requires different machines with different commands to make it… and don’t even get me started on combo meals!
  • Blueprints! Created the perfect production line? Save your plans as blueprints to use in future kitchens.

So Automachef resource management will be available on Steam. Coming Summer 2019 on Windows PC. Hopefully the games going to release on Linux with day-one support.

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