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Automobile Tycoon non-native simulation game

automobile tycoon non linux simulation game on early access

Automobile Tycoon simulation game for Windows, but there is no Linux support. Since we are keen to support indie game developer. Silver Lemur Games are encouraging all car and simulation-enthusiasts to tryout the games via Windows on Early Access.

Automobile Tycoon the newest version available now. We reached out to Silver Lemur Games for details on the feature-rich simulation game. Since development looks solid and ideally we should have Linux support. Where players get to experience production and selling of cars. Which also happens to span vehicles from 1905 thru 2020.

Linux Support:

“There is no official Linux support but I get reports it runs flawlessly on Linux using Wine.”

Since I’m not really a fan of promoting games via WINE, typically. This is a title worth playing and exploring. Check out the trailer below.

Automobile Tycoon simulation Trailer (Windows, Linux via Wine)

Automobile Tycoon is a classic western RPG taking inspiration from the 90’s. So it’s the kind of game that seems to be missing in the industry. Light, fairy tale, epic, heroic and slightly humorous. One that does not take tons of hours to complete or require endless grind to progress. Also something that caters to players like who don’t have 40 hours to beat one game. Yet still appreciate the nostalgia for older games back in the day.

Since Automobile Tycoon is a relatively fast-paced single-player game. This also allows for 100 years of automotive history in 400 turns if desired. Starting your company from a range of options. Including 1905, 1920, 1948, 1960 and 1980 with more options becoming available at user request.

Since the game is continuously being updated by the developer to include additional content and new improved features.

Game Mechanics:

  • turn based
  • relatively fast paced (1 turn = 1 quarter, so the game does not drag on)
  • gameplay ranges from 1905 to 2020 with historical events. Such as world wars and economic crises and also inflation. All of which is optionally disabled too.
  • various starting years (1905,1920,1948,1960,1980)
  • several car types (sedan, pickup, cabriolet, minicar, etc) some are unlocked in time

Automobile Tycoon has a very careful design for ultimate gaming experience. So you can run a car manufacturing company with minimal amount of tedious micromanagement. While it’s clear and intuitive design sees regularly updates due to user feedback. This makes gameplay a premium tycoon-style game. You know, as opposed to a car-designing simulator.

So initially, your engineers research parts and develop a car. Then you have to set up, modernize and expand your factory. Deciding on distribution and marketing. All these are accompanied by secondary activities like paying taxes, taking bank loans etc.

Automobile Tycoon simulation game is available on Steam Early Access pried at $14.99 USD. The games only available for Windows, but very playable on Linux via WINE.

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