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Autumn with the Shiba Inu to hit Next Fest

autumn with the shiba inu the mystery story game is coming to linux mac windows pc with a demo for next fest

Autumn with the Shiba Inu the mystery story game is coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC with a Demo for Next Fest. Quill Game Studios’ exceptional creativity has brought forth a deeper experience for players to get involved. Available to try on Steam.

Autumn with the Shiba Inu is the new title from Quill Game Studios. It’s all about dogs, especially Shiba Inus. If you like these furry friends, you’re going to be eager to play the Demo. Due to take part in Steam’s Next Fest the week of June 19th.

In Autumn with the Shiba Inu, you play as a freelance hacker, Quei-Li. She now has a crucial job: she has to find secret data about a big corruption case. Now, normally, Quei-Li would stay away from risky jobs like this, but she’s curious about the secret government network. And she thinks that if she finds the information, it could make a positive change on Shiba Island.

To get the job done, Quei-Li pretends to be a programmer and sneaks into the ARI government. She has to be one of the staff and make friends with her coworkers. While she’s doing that, she’s also trying to find the data she needs for her client.

But as Quei-Li digs deeper, she starts discovering more and more secrets. These secrets make her question her own existence.

Autumn with the Shiba Inu – Official Trailer

One of the features about Autumn with the Shiba Inu is that the choices you make as Quei-Li really matter. You have to think and choose wisely to help her steer through her undercover job. The choices you make can lead to different endings. So, the outcome of the story depends on the decisions you make.

The mystery story also has beautiful artwork of the characters, especially the Shiba Inus. There’s even a mini-game where you can pretend to be a hacker like Quei-Li. It’s a brain twisting title that tests your skills. If you find it too tough, you can skip it and still enjoy the rest of Autumn with the Shiba Inu story.

Oh, and Autumn with the Shiba Inu also has options to make it more accessible and better for you to play. Even in the Demo, you can change the resolution to make it look great on your screen. It runs well on Linux via Proton. At least until we can play the full release.

If you want to know more about the title, you can visit the official website.

So, get into the mystery story of Autumn with the Shiba Inu. Due to help Quei-Li uncover the secrets of Shiba Island. You can also try the free Demo on Steam. Playable on Linux via Proton with Windows PC as well as Mac.

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