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Avorion: Anniversary and Update 2.0 details

avorion anniversary and update 2.0 details coming to linux mac and windows pc

Avorion: Anniversary and Update 2.0 details coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Boxelware, who are celebrating their first year for the full release. Available on Steam or Humble Store. Which is still coming in strong with 90% Very Positive reviews.

Popular space sandbox game Avorion celebrates its anniversary – with a huge update.

So, one year ago, Avorion left the “Early Access” on Steam, reaching full release version 1.0. The game also been built and optimized together with the community during the time in Early Access. But now ready for what is called the “full commercial launch” in the game industry.

Avorion Update 2.0 – Teaser Trailer

The launch was successful, the sales figures rose to around 300,000 units. But the journey certainly does not end there. The developers stay on the ball, working hard and producing update after update. And now, just in time for the one year launch anniversary. We have news about Update 2.0 that is just around the corner. It will simply change the game in many parts. While greatly improving many systems with huge changes.

The following changes are planned in Update 2.0:

  • New progress system where players receive building knowledge for various materials
  • New “Classic Avorion” scenario without the new progress design
  • Fully configurable “Free Play” plot
  • Captains with specialized talents and personalities
  • Improved AI orders to send your ship. So you can go mining, trading, scouting and more
  • Improved UI visuals
  • Positive changes to the independent targeting mechanics
  • Many “quality of life” changes such as less micro management. Also making it easier to manage your crew and traveling to far away sectors. This includes autopilots, many balancing changes, and UI upgrades. Such as a sector overview that shows available missions. Including goods and crew members of all stations, and many more.

With Update 2.0, Avorion will feel like a new game. Which is a pleasure to see the hit sandbox celebrate its one year anniversary. Available on Steam or Humble Store. All priced at $24.99 USD. Including support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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