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Avorion sandbox action Combat Update I

avorion sandbox action combat update i in linux and windows games

Avorion sandbox action gets Combat Update I for Linux and Windows. Since the games still under active development. Avorion already has a ton of features available on Early Access. Having to fight epic space battles, explore, mine, trade and wage wars. While building your own empire to save your galaxy from being torn apart. Having to face an unknown enemy.

Well now Boxelware have officially released Combat Update I. Featuring specialized enemies, new weapons and most importantly: Torpedoes. So players can use these powerful one-shot weapons to obliterate your enemies. Equipping Point Defense Turrets to protect yourself from torpedoes at the same time.

These are just a handful of changes in the full patch notes.

Combat Update I new Features (Linux, Windows):

  • Easy sector switching for improved ship commanding
  • Turret Scaling
  • Specialized Anti-Fighter weaponry
  • New Usable Items
  • Rebalancing and Specialization of Weapons
  • Tons more!

Turrets now scale depending on their class and tech level. While increasing damage and range for larger turrets. But they will also require more turret slots. So evidently, more space on your ship. Also, be aware of the recoil.

Torpedoes are probably one of the more interesting new changes. Since players can equip torpedoes to obliterate enemies. This means taking out enemies with one single shot. As the weapon is obviously extremely strong and…heat-seeking. And probably one of the features that ultimately have my attention.

Also, with the new Point Defense Chainguns and Lasers. This is another means of fighting off your enemies’ torpedoes. The specialized weapons have a very high fire and turning rate. Sadly at the expense of damage, but they catch those torpedoes. So there is a healthy trade-off.

Other features added in the update, including:

  • Easy sector switching for improved commanding of ships
  • Specialized Anti-Fighter Weaponry
  • New Usable Items
  • Rebalancing and Specialization of Weapons

One of the other features that will be helpful, an upgrade that increases pickup range of loot. While disbanded alliances can now be claimed by everybody.

Avorion on Steam and Humble Store:

The games still in Early Access via Steam, but also available from Humble Store. Also priced at $17.99 USD on Linux and Windows.

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