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Avorion sandbox gets a full release

avorion sandbox gets a full release to version 1.0 on linux mac windows pc

Avorion sandbox now has a full release to version 1.0 on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Boxelware. Which still holds an amazing 92% Very Positive review score. Available on Humble Store with a 10% discount and regular price on Steam.

Indie studio Boxelware release their co-op space sandbox title in 2017. Since then Avorion has been in Early Access. Allowing players to fight epic space battles, explore, and mine. Even trade, wage wars and build your own empire. Maybe even save your galaxy from being torn apart by an unknown enemy.

Well now it appears that Avorion has a version 1.0 release. Which is over the 3 year marek. While the reviews speak for themselves. There are now some performance improvements, as of Patch 0.33.6. But the gameplay continues to stay solid with a couple of bug fixes. Here’s what developer Boxelware has to say about version 1.0.

Avorion is now at the level that I (Konstantin) imagined it years ago. When I first had the idea for it. That’s the reason why now, it’s time to go from Early Access into 1.0. But that doesn’t mean that we’re done with it. Over the next weeks we’ll be sorting out the inital launch chaos. And after that we’ll start working on the first free updates. It’ll contain features that have been suggested by the community and that we really loved. But that just didn’t make it into the 1.0 version.

In the future we’re planning on releasing free updates. And a few DLCs (for bigger, content-heavier updates). For both new features and new content. So stay tuned! We’re planning to support the game for at least two years. Much longer if things go well. Avorion is our baby and we love working on it!

Avorion – Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

If you don’t know, Avorion is a sandbox game. One that also takes the feel of classics like the X games and Freelancer. While throwing in co-op multiplayer. Letting players build their own space ships. All ships are made of freely scalable blocks and can be procedurally generated. And as a result, you can end up with sometimes hilarious alien ship shapes. Thanks to the block structure, ships break into pieces. I know from personal experience during space fights. But you can also shooter off your enemies’ engines or weapon systems. Avorion certainly makes combat and exploration fun. While actually flying your ship and experiencing the galaxy. Ship building is easy and less micro-intensive. So you’re not forced to spend hours just to get a flying ship. Players can pilot every craft they own, including stations and fighters.


  • Non-voxel block ships that break into pieces
  • Procedural generation for infinite numbers of factions, ships and stations
  • Build your own space ships
  • Co-Op or PvP Multiplayer
  • Flying and commanding large scale battleships
  • Trading system with over 100 different goods
  • Lots of weapons and system upgrades to customize ships
  • Day 1 Mod support with lua

Avorion full release is available on Humble Store with a 10% discount and regular price on Steam. Which always better to save a bit off that $24.99 USD price. Playable on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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