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Avorion sci-fi action new Alliances Update

avorion sci-fi action new alliances update in linux windows games

Since Avorion is still in Early Access for Linux and Windows. While still under active development. Avorion already has a ton of features available on Steam. Yet the games still lacking some content. Boxelware have just added more features, hence the Alliances Update. The development team still expect to figure out the story-line. While adding more missions and to give players more options.

So now you can gather up people to form an alliance. While discovering the galaxy together as your own faction sharing ships. Along with resources and map knowledge. Which is a feature I have been waiting for. Since there are a few Linux players keen to get into the games co-op action.

Now you can fly ships together in co-op mode in Avorion. While having one person pilot, another one be the gunner. Even a third one responsible for energy systems and fighter squadrons. These are some solid odds.

Since players can also download ships from the Steam Workshop. Or upload your creation so everybody can use them.

With the new building improvements you can now hide blocks. Scale ships or mirror across several different axes.

Avorion Alliances are not the only new feature in the Update:

  • Pilot ships with your friends
  • Upload your latest creations to the Steam Workshop
  • Subscribe to hundreds of Workshop ships built by the community
  • Full out-of-sector simulation of stations and ships
  • Improved building mode: scaling, block transparency and multi-mirroring
  • Performance improvements, bug fixes and more


  • Players can now found alliances
  • Invite other players to join your alliance
  • Alliances work like their own factions: They have money, resources and an inventory
  • Players can be assigned ranks, defining permissions in the alliance
  • All alliance members are visible to all other alliance members on the map
  • Alliance members share all information on the galaxy map
  • While flying an alliance ship, all actions represent the player’s alliance

Co-Op Flying

  • Alliance ships can now be flown by multiple players
  • Added Seat Management for crafts to allow players to manage different tasks (steering, firing, etc.)

Check out the full patch notes for this huge Avorion update.

So Avorion is still available on Steam Early Access priced at $17.99 USD. Yet still very playable on Linux and Windows.

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