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Awesomenauts Update 4.4 and Weekly Brawls

awesomenauts update 4.4 and weekly brawls for linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

Available now on Steam, Update 4.4 for Awesomenauts brings new features that mix up the gameplay in 2017. While this is a true festival of carnage. Since games available for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Now with the addition of a weekly Brawl that provides bonus XP and Awesomepoints. Hence the rewards to participants. Yet every weekend players will be able to enjoy a new gameplay mode with different rules. As well as different powers and modifiers.
So for this first week Ronimo Games are starting with the Unlimited Power Brawl. A game mode where all upgrades have a fixed price. And there are no restrictions on how many upgrades you can have. Which ‘Naut will reign supreme when there’s nothing to hold them back?

Awesomenauts – Cirque du Brawlee Launch Trailer:

The Cirque du Brawlee update also introduces Daily Missions. These quests challenge players to complete matches with a specific type of character. Each looking to claim victory in a certain number of matches. Oor to fulfill another objective. The reward for completing these missions? Sweet, sweet Awesomepoints that players can use to purchase additional characters. Or unlock other cosmetic upgrades.

In addition to these new gameplay features, we’ve also further refined the experience for players who are new to Awesomenauts. To welcome these new players into our community, we’re providing them with new features that help them predict the effective range of their abilities, and are providing them with a set of daily missions that help them explore the various features Awesomenauts has to offer. Players interested in joining the Awesomenauts can do so for free by visiting Since the games available free-to-play for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows.

With more content coming up for the last couple of months in 2017. Qi’Tara, the character will hopefully become the 33rd Awesomenaut, will have a full reveal soon. She will to make her public debut in an open beta within the next couple of weeks.

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