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Ayo the Clown platformer due to release this month

ayo the clown platformer games release date is due this month on linux mac and windows pc

Ayo the Clown platformer games release date is due this month on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to indie game studio Cloud M1. Which will be making its way onto Steam soon.

Since Cloud M1 are eager to announce its 2.5D clown themed platformer Ayo the Clown. The games due to release on July 28th, on Linux, Mac, and Windows PCt. But the games release date also includes support for Nintendo Switch.
Therefore, in preparation for this Clown’s arrival, Cloud M1 has released the ‘World of Ayo’ video. This shows off some of the wacky sights and crazy conundrums Ayo the Clown will experience. All as he embarks on his fun filled adventure to get his precious dog back.

Ayo The Clown – The World Of Ayo trailer

“Ayo won’t stop at anything in order to rescue his beloved pooch. And as a result, is a very well traveled clown. The World of Ayo is a weird but wonderful place filled with more things to see and do than you can shake a balloon stick at!,” said Xiu Liang, Cloud M1 Game Director. “Ayo the Clown is finally arriving on July 28th and we can’t wait for players to join the fun.”

On the Ayo The Clown incredible adventure, you play as Ayo. However, you are a not so average clown, in search of his best friend and beloved dog, Bo, who has mysteriously disappeared. This journey will take Ayo across eight regions from the lush Hills, to the wacky Water World. All the way to sickeningly sweet Candy Land in search of clues to Bo’s whereabouts.

This world is full of friendly people and interesting creatures. Since they are willing to lend a helping hand but beware of the fiendish foes who are out to cause you harm. Pick up a water balloon, balloon sword, toy hammer, dinosaur, helicopter, and tank. You know, everything a healthy clown needs to survive in the great outdoors. Since Ayo is not the kind of clown to make the same joke over and over again. You’ll travel across many uniquely themed platforms. While coming into contact with larger than life bosses and hordes of enemies. Due to prove that this clown is much tougher than he seems.

Ayo The Clown colorful platformer games coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The release date is July 28th, so be sure to Wishlist the games on Steam.

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