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Azusa RP Online multiplayer RPG and Linux

azusa rp online multiplayer rpg in windows linux games

Azusa RP Online is 2D massively multiplayer RPG strategy coming to Windows game, but what about Linux? Well according to recent news, the servers all run on Linux. Plus we have details about the coming Steam Earl Access release.

Since Azusa RP Online gives off a very indie vibe. The gameplay caught my attention. So I reached out to developer Inutaishos, here’s what the studio had to say:

“Toward the engine, its a very old engine called BYOND. However byond was rebuilt recently. And covers alot of needs to Azusa development. Mainly towards making the game’s main idea, the Roleplay Driven style possible and easier to manage.
Only problem toward BYOND is that its limited to Windows only. BYOND Linux versions can only run servers and not clients; (which is a pain). So Azusa is limited to windows/PC.”

Since this is not the best news. The fact that Linux is in the mix is positive. Mind you the point of this post, I want to see how Azusa RP Online will work via WINE or Proton. I’m sure Steam Play will be a delicious workaround. But that is entirely unconfirmed. While the gameplay itself definitely looks good.

Azusa RP Online Trailer:

Azusa RP Online is really an open world roleplay game. Since gameplay focuses on developing the world and story of your character. While interacting with other players. Compete in tournaments around the world. While you earn rights to wear the legendary Olympian armor. As you help the defy gods; Athena, Hades, Zeus and Poseidon.

Since mythological era Hades is trying to turn earth into his own realm. While killing every creature. But when the evil appears, young humans wear the legendary olympian armor. With fists strong enough to cut the sky. Also risking their lives to save the world in Azusa RP Online.
They are known as Olympian Guardians, backed by the Gods in Olympo. Since this is a world where anything can happen. Depending on the events and situations mostly driven by other players.

Azusa RP Online multiplayer RPG will release on Windows, January 30th. While this does not mean Linux support. There is hope that we will be able to play via Proton or WINE.

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