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Baba Is You a creative puzzle game with rules

baba is you a creative puzzle game with rules for linux mac windows

Baba Is You brings rules to the creative puzzle genre in Linux, Mac and Windows games. All thanks to Hempuli, developer of the award-winning title. Which also announce the release on March 13th, 2019. Launch on Steam, Humble Store and

Baba Is You is a block pushing puzzle title. So this all about changing the rules. Since every level has it’s own rules. These rules dictate how everything works. Even how to interact with physical objects.
So by manipulating these rules. The player is able to greatly alter the game logic. While you find sudden interactions.

For example, the player character might change. Going from the titular Baba into a sentient piece of rock. Or make dangerous hazards float in air. While passing safely underneath.

Baba Is You – release date trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

So as you can see, the games unique. Both he puzzle and interacts keep gameplay creative. Which is not really genre bending. But does post for some solid challenges. With simple graphics and over 200 levels.
The play can experiment with the games mechanics. You can do so in a multitude of ways. Requiring the player to understand and shape the rules of the title. While you figure out unique ways to make the objects interact.

Baba Is You won the Excellence in Design. And the Best Student Game awards in Independent Games Festival 2018. As well as the IndieCade Europe Choice Award at IndieCade 2018. The title is being ported by MP2 Games.

So Baba Is You is very much a creative puzzle game. While games announced for release on March 13th. We will see support for Linux, Mac and Windows. But the titles also coming to Nintendo Switch. The title will be initially available on the Nintendo eShop. Also Steam, Humble Store and The price of the game will be $15 USD.

Visit the official website for further details.

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