Baba Is You interactive puzzle game releases

baba is you interactive puzzle game releases for linux mac windows

Baba Is You award winning puzzle game releases on Linux, Mac and Windows. Thanks to developer Hempuli. That games now live on Steam, Humble Store and So you can change the rules of puzzle gaming.

So yes, Baba Is You is an award winning puzzle game. The games release took place this week. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. But also on the Nintendo Switch. And once you see that cross platform release. Chances are the developer is on to something tasty.

Baba Is You has rules you have to follow. These are also present as blocks you can interact with. So by changing them, you can change how the game works. Sort of repurposing things you find in each level. .

Since Baba Is You is about changing the rules. This is also a unique experience. With simple graphics with agile gameplay.
So the mechanics are smooth. While the setting looks like an incomplete PacMan.

Baba Is You release trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

In every level the rules themselves are present. There are blocks you can interact with. And by changing them, you can change how the level works. Which also causes unique interactions. So with some simple block pushing. You turn yourself into a rock. Turn patches of grass into perilously hot objects. Even changing the goal you need to reach. So it can be something entirely different.

Baba Is You has over 200 levels. So you can experiment with mechanics in a multitude of ways. Requiring a player to understand and change the rules. Figuring out clever ways to make the objects interact.

Baba Is You won the Excellence in Design. And the Best Student Game awards in Independent Festival 2018. Also the IndieCade Europe Choice Award at IndieCade 2018.

Since Baba Is You releases the puzzle experience this past week. Which is available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Listed on Steam, Humble Store and Priced at only $15 USD.

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