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Back to the Dawn survive in prison on Proton

back to the dawn prison survival adventure game release on windows pc playable on linux with proton via windows pc

Back to the Dawn prison survival adventure game release on Windows PC, but its playable on Linux with Proton via Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts from developer Metal Head Games. Available via Steam Early Access with 81% Very Positive reviews.

The latest game hitting Steam’s Early Access is Back to the Dawn. This isn’t your everyday title; it’s a prison survival adventure that’s already made waves during the Steam Next Fest. Becoming one of the most downloaded demos. Playable on Linux and Steam Deck via Proton.

Imagine stepping into a world where every choice you make can either plot your path to freedom or lock you deeper behind bars. You’re in the shoes of a journalist who’s been thrown into jail unfairly. Now surrounded by a crew of animal characters. Each with their own tales and motives. The Back to the Dawn setting is intense, full of the kind of suspense you’d expect from a maximum security prison.

As you navigate this vibrant, pixel-art style world, you’ll realize it’s not just about brawn — it’s about brains. You’ll deal with the hardcore politics of gang alliances and skill development. Since this is crucial to your survival and eventual escape in Back to the Dawn. Your wit will be tested at every corner, with every friendship or rivalry you forge changing due to the course of your journey.

Aldric Chang, the big boss at Spiral Up Games, gave props to Metal Head Games for their hard work over the years. They’ve combined their artistic talent with a strong story to capture the chaotic essence of prison life. Since survival hinges on your strategic smarts and tactical savvy. The trailer walks you through what to expect.

Back to the Dawn Trailer

You’ll take a deep dive into the thick of the action in a newly released. While you get ready to traverse a complex ecosystem, where every inch explored could reveal a path to freedom or lead to more trouble.

The Back to the Dawn adventure’s has a cast of more than 40 characters. Each one could be the key to your survival or another obstacle to your escape. From handling daily chores to dripping into the underground market. Since you’ll get a real sense of the social fabric that ties the prison’s ecosystem together.

The activities on offer go beyond the mundane; think building physical strength in the gym. Or engaging in sharpening your strategic edge. These aren’t just for show — they’re essential to your progress. Due to push you to make critical choices that’ll affect the Back to the Dawn isn’t just available in English; Chinese and Japanese players can join in too. If that’s not enough, Spiral Up is throwing some contests. Head over to their Twitter, and you could win things like Steam gift cards or exclusive swag.

So gear up, because this isn’t just about playing; it’s about living through an intense survival quest where your smarts, alliances, and strategies shape your destiny. Back to the Dawn is available via Steam Early Access. Priced at $17.59 USD / £14.74 / 17,16€, including the 12% discount. The prison survival adventure is playable on Linux via Proton with Windows PC.

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