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Backpack Hero roguelike gears up for v1.0

backpack hero inventory management roguelike game gears up for v1.0 on linux mac windows pc

Backpack Hero inventory management roguelike game gears up for full release on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. This is all due to the continuous twists from developer Jaspel. Available on Steam Early Access with 82% Very Positive reviews as well as itch.

Jaspel and Different Tales are pleased to announce their inventory management roguelike, Backpack Hero, will be exiting Steam Early Access in May 2023. During the Early Access phase, Backpack Hero has attracted 180,000 players with its unique twists on the standard deck-building roguelike. Success in each combat encounter isn’t about what you carry. Since it’s mainly about how you organize items in your bag.

Backpack Hero offers a roster of five heroes to choose from. Each with a unique pool of items and abilities that completely change the way you play. The robot, CR-8, for example, lets you program commands in your backpack Factorio style. While Pochette carries pets, giving Backpack Hero a Pokemon-esque twist. Since there are hundreds of rare items to discover and arrange into powerful combo’s. Doing so with over forty enemy types for you to battle. As well as colorful characters to encounter in your procedurally generated adventures.

Backpack Hero – Full Release Announcement Trailer

There’s even more to come from Backpack Hero too. The new console announcement trailer offers a sneak peek at the highly requested “Town” feature. Due to add a whole new layer to a game. Which is already receiving bags of praise in its Early Access phase. Offering a rewarding progress path for you to expand your item pool and unlock new heroes. With the addition of the Town feature, you will transfer your skills from your backpack to the streets. Due to build a perfect town with the resources you gather on your adventures.

Backpack Hero inventory management roguelike game is available on Steam Early Access and itch (includes Steam key). While offering up Linux, Mac, and Windows PC support, that is Steam Deck playable. Priced at $16.99 USD / £13.49 / 13,99€. But try the Free Demo on Steam, first. The full release is due in May 2023.

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