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Bacon Man 3D platformer games native release

bacon man 3 platformer games linux release on steam beside windows and mac

Bacon Man is a side-scrolling 3D platformer that is coming to Windows, but also Linux and Mac games via Steam. Well according to a recent email from developer Skymap Games, Linux is a big deal. Both in house for business and in-home.

3D platformer Linux release:

“We actually love Linux — I’m an Ubuntu user on my home computer, and our company servers are on Debian. We’re definitely interested in porting Bacon Man, and are in the process of learning about how Unreal Engine 4 works on Linux.”

So the team are working to see how the Linux port will work. Which also seems to be a common issue with porting games via Unreal Engine 4. Many developers we reach out to at LGC usually have similar feedback. Or their a small development team that does not have time to port to Linux. But given that Skymap Games are also Linux users. The likelihood of seeing a native release is positive.

So take note, do not expect a day-one release.

Bacon Man is the meatiest and greediest of all pork based video game heroes. Which is also launching on Steam in one month. To take back his place as King of Meat Zone, he’ll need help from his friends. Since the games playable as singleplayer or shared split screen. Since this is a combination of Trine 2 and Super Meat Boy.

The table is set, and the warriors of Nomround are hungry for action. So go ahead and investigate Feta’s mysterious past. While navigating harsh deserts as the magical Pan. And pal around with your best buddy Lard Lass.

Bacon Man Characters Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

With the world resting on his shoulders, take on the role of Bacon Man. Battle through the food groups and confront those who condemned you. It’s up to you to clear his name, by murdering those who put him behind bars.

Bacon Man Features:

  • Tougher than nails platforming – in air, or on foot – using the patented Bacon Control System™
  • 2 player couch co-op. Play as 4 unique characters, each with their own playstyle.
  • Collect experience, level up, and gain incredible new abilities, like the Sky Divider, Dash, Stinger, and Ground Pound… Each doubling as a method of mobility!
  • Impossible boss battles with enemies based on various food groups.
  • Full orchestral soundtrack by the talented Braxton Burks (Pokemon Reorchestrated) and Kyle Landry (Youtube & Twitch sensation).
  • Unlock costumes for a sassy new look.
  • Play through a huge and satire-rich story…
  • …or straight up ignore the developers’ hard work by pressing the skip button.

So the 3D platformer Bacon Man full release is coming to Steam on March 8th, 2018. At a later date, the Linux and Mac versions of the game will be available along with Xbox One.

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