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Bad Business a challenging shooter to release

bad business the challenging shooter release with linux mac windows pc support

Bad Business is a new challenging shooter to release on Windows PC, but also has Linux support coming. Thanks to developer Hut 90. Which is also coming to both Steam and this week.

Bad Business is an extremely challenging top down tactical shooter. While the game follows Mr. Bunny Rabbit, a hitman for the Mob. Now out to neutralize the rival Gang. Since this is a hard task for any organization. It’s also an impossible task for a hitman.

Linux Support:

We are using Unity for our game engine. We will be looking into Linux and Mac ports of Bad Business after launch.

The email from Hut 90 also goes on to explain some concerns. Since the developer had issues with Akuto: Showdown. The previous title worked locally for the team. But Linux community members had issues. So the team postponed this Linux release for that reason.
The use of Unity 3D should also not be a surprise. This will also make it possible to play Bad Business using Proton. Which could be a solid fall back in case of native issues. Here’s hoping for a smooth Linux port this time.

Bad Business Launch Trailer (Windows PC, then Linux)

Gameplay Features

  • Complete 20 extremely challenging levels
  • Be the best hitman in the world in Bad Business. Completing every level as quickly as possible and becoming number 1 on the leaderboards
  • Complete all challenges on every level to earn gold coins to unlock new weapons
  • Design and create your own levels using the Bad Business level editor. Share your creations with others online via Steam Workshop

Bad Business is due to release on July 24th. Arriving on Windows PC for $1 USD via Steam and With Linux release to follow after launch.
While the previous release had issues. Here’s hoping that Proton will add further support to the launch.

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