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BadLads city MMO coming with support

badLads city mmo game coming with support for linux windows pc

BadLads is a new city MMO game coming to Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Chemical Heads Studios. Due to release next month on Steam Early Access.

BadLads is a massive multiplayer roleplay game. Sort of like a minimalist style GTA. Doing so in a giant city full of unique Jobs. While giving you the option to rise through the government. Maybe work to become the vicious President that you always wanted to be. You can also buy yourself the apartment you always deserved. Meaning, you can build and decorate, maybe park your new car too. Even more, you can create your own gang and try to overthrow the government.

Since BadLads features a unique gang system. This also lets players create and have their very own unique Gang. And gang Leaders can recruit other players to fight the Government and enemy Gangs. Which means you can also carry out complete mayhem.

BadLads – Roleplay (Linux, Windows PC).

First of all, players start out as citizens. Thrown into the large city of Vegas. Where the environment is full of unique own-able buildings. Something not usually found in other games. Even more, players choose one of three unique factions. So they can take on the role of Government, Neutral or Crime.


  • Large Mulitplayer World! A large BadLads multiplayer world full of mysteries.
  • Jobs! A vast array of Jobs that each have their own unique abilities.
  • Keys! Rent out apartments, homes and even entire buildings. Keys can be given to other players.
  • Building! Decorate and customize your estate‘s interiors however you please.
  • Uniqueness! Unique character appearance procedurally generated from the players account.
  • Gangs! Players can create and lead their own unique gang.
  • Vehicles! Large selection of ownable vehicles with unique functions.
  • Items! A selection of unique items in BadLads. Each serves a different function.
  • Persistence! Players do not lose all their stuff when they log out.

“Let’s say the President bans all Gangsters from the city. Forces the Police to do his bidding or face his wrath. Gangs can choose to team up to assassinate the President. Once you eliminate him, he loses his Job and his power. That’s the heartbeat of Gangs vs Government. The BadLads President does his best to run the city. And not upset the wrong people.” – Mark J. Grikis

BadLads new city MMO is due to release in Steam Early Access, April 17, 2020. Coming to both Linux and Windows PC. Also priced at $12.99 USD. Which certainly makes it easier for more people to play.

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