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BadLands RoadTrip open world RPG releases

badLands roadtrip open world rpg releases linux mac windows games

BadLands RoadTrip open world RPG, physics based, first person action adventure releases for Linux, Mac and Windows. Where players build their own guns, fight well-meaning robots and explore a beautiful world via Steam.

Since you can adjust every aspect of your gun. This also includes all its parts, size and amount of barrels. Along with many types of bullets, to create ballistic missile launchers. Also gatling guns, hunting rifles and everything in between. Oh baby. So when you finally decide on what to use. Player can use your new found tools to put an end to all androids. Travelling from town to town to unfold the mystery around the robot uprising.

In an idyllic, peaceful future, where robots take care of humans, society has collapsed since the machines loved their masters so much, they started hugging the people to death. You are one of the last known tinkerers with the skills to put a permanent system shutdown on the malevolent appliances and save the world from a tough love choking hazard.

BadLands RoadTrip Open World RPG trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Build your own gun and save the BadLands from the robot apocalypse that happened just last week!
  • Huge, lush, open world for you to explore, travel, terrorize and/or gawk at.
  • First person, physics based combat, because we were born to throw rocks.
  • Multiple types of ammunition, ranging from bullet-shape to shurikens to dice, because why would we stop at rocks?
  • Follow an insane story detailing the history of the BadLands’s ultimate demise and meet crazy characters, like the monks of the Ohkidouki and the psychic queen.
  • Feel alone? Bring your friends and subdue the BadLands together in multiplayer!
  • Storytime Symphony returns to write an all new, vibrant soundtrack.

Officially releases via Steam:

So if you are ready and willing to take on the BadLands RoadTrip. Which is now on Steam, but releases for Linux, Mac and Windows. The open world RPG is priced at $9.99 USD with a 10% discount until April 12th.

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