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Ballistic Overkill new skins and a big discount

ballistic overkill new skins and a big discount on linux mac windows

Ballistic Overkill – the run and gun FPS gets Free Skins and big discount on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. So this means some further changes and another content update.

So Ballistic Overkill is for players of all experience levels. Coming to Linux from Brazilian developer Aquiris Game Studios and Green Man Gaming Publishing. Having just launched 2 new skins as part of its Steam Summer Sale celebration.

“The 2 new skins (part of the 1.4.6 update) are the latest additions. Also coming in a series of new updates the game will enjoy throughout 2018,” commented Sandro Manfredini, Business Director of Aquiris Game Studios. “Over the coming months, we will be announcing additional new skins and brand new gameplay features. Due to a raft of additional updates that will significantly improve the gameplay experience.”

Ballistic Overkill – skins update (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The Ballistic Overkill update includes:

  • New Characters Skins: Female Grenadier and Female Vanguard
  • Fixed create match and callbacks
  • Optimised custom maps loading time
  • Fixed custom maps pink areas (Shader not found)
  • Upgraded Steam API version (should increase performance on the CPU)
  • Fixed bug of not being able to vote for the Blackfield map

Since there are 7 classes, each with their own style, weapons and visuals. You can play Ballistic Overkill the way YOU want to play it. While selecting from multiple loadouts with each class and tailor each character. Set it up the loadout exactly the way you want to play.

Remember there are no support classes. So everyone in Ballistic Overkill is a killer.

  • Berserker – deadly close combat rushdown expert
  • Vanguard – master of field survival and assault specialist
  • Wraith – infiltrator and ranged assassin
  • Shadow – master of speed and stealth assassinations
  • Grenadier – bane of the campers and explosions maniac
  • Tank – towering machine-gun toting survival expert
  • Marksman – perceptive and adaptable intelligence specialist

Steam Discount:

Also being a fan of Ballistic Overkill and first person shooters in general. We now have a 50% discount on Steam until July 5th for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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