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Ballistic Overkill fast paced PvP shooter update and new map

ballistic overkill shooter update and new map reinstate factory linux mac pc

So if you have not had a chance to jump into a #fastpaced online #PvP shooter, check out Ballistic Overkill. The #game is easy to pick up and play. Hence the player can choose from 7 unique classes equally capable of dominating a match. While there is no support class: in Ballistic Overkill, so everyone is a killer.

So now Aquiris Game Studio are proud to present Ballistic Overkill‘s 10th map, the Reinstate Factory. Since this new map is designed to explore the abilities of all classes. So take into consideration the overall size compared to others. The new map requires a more tactical pacing, but also offers various camping position for closed range classes. How is that for ADDICTIVE?

Multi-Thread Improvements

Some fundamental parts of code were reviewed to make a better use of multiple cores. Aquiris Game Studio hope to see less frame drops, specially in maps such as Wonderdome. This optimization was only on the CPU side, if you are limited by the GPU, your performance should remain the same.

Reinstate Factory update includes Balance Changes

  • Vanguard
    • All Assault Rifles clip size reduced
      • Blackguard, Widower and Stalker
        • Clip size reduced by 10
      • All others
        • Clip size reduced by 5
  • Shadow
    • All Dual Machine Pistols clip size reduced
      • Scorpion and Typhoon
        • Clip size reduced by 10
      • All others
        • Clip size reduced by 5
      • Typhoon
        • Increased accuracy slightly
      • Needler
        • Reload speed reduced slightly
  • Grenadier
    • Destructor
      • Clip size increased to 6 (was 4)
      • Rate of fire decreased slightly

Further update features:

  • Steam Achievements
  • Password Protected Servers
  • Enemy Area now reveals you in the radar
  • Russian Language
  • New servers in China

So like most FPS shooters, skills and weapons are unlocked as you gain experience from battles. Hence opening new ways to play and different tactics. You can configure multiple loadouts, creating different builds for each soldier that offer a variety of gameplay styles. AFFORDABLE. The game is priced fairly to the amount of content available. It is optimized to run on many low-end PC’s so you don’t need a super rig to play. The game offers players a lot of fun and won’t run short of rewards as you earn new weapon skins from lockboxes from battles.

So Ballistic Overkill is available on Steam and in Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


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