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Bang-On-Balls: Chronicles due to roll out a port

bang-on-balls: chronicles 3d platforming game due to roll out a port for linux beside windows pc

Bang-On-Balls: Chronicles 3D platforming game due to roll out a port for Linux beside Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Exit Plan Games. Due to make its way onto Steam Early Access next month.

Bang-On-Balls: Chronicles? Yes, that’s the real name. And the game is due to make its way onto Steam, March 3rd. Developed by a small team of very experienced game developers. Now coming together to put all their deep knowledge and expertise into making a fantastic game. You know, about balls.

Exit Plan Games is comprised of Damien Monier and Jose Teixeira. Also, these two game developers with a combined almost 30 years of experience. Working for some very well known game studios on some very big AAA titles. Then one day they thought “wouldn’t it be great one day to try and make a fun game?” Since this appeared more like a distant dream at the time. Now it’s a reality, after starting Exit Plan Games in early 2019. Then developing an early prototype of Bang-On-Balls: Chronicles. Later joined by a few other friend developers. Due to the fact that the duo can’t animate a character properly. But they can create a nice looking game. And also have a desire to expand platform support too.

Linux Support

We use the Unreal Engine, we have plans to move on to other platforms once early access has been launched. And really there is no reason why we would not spend some time making a linux port.

This email reply comes directly from developer Damien Monnier. I have to admit, the studio has a very objective approach to Bang-On-Balls: Chronicles platform support. Obviously trying to get the game on as many PC related platforms as possible, Linux included. Although there is no target release date for the port, yet. In the mean time, check out the trailer below.

Bang-On-Balls: Chronicles | Roll Out Trailer

Bang-On-Balls: Chronicles rolls onto the stage. This a unique 3D platformer inspired by some of the best games of the genre. Including some italian plumbers, a blue hedgehog, or a bear with a bird on his backpack. It’s also a game where you become a reckless hero. While customize your ballsy character and play by yourself or in co-op with friends. Making your way through various (slightly inaccurate) historically themed levels. Viking era? Let’s loot some treasure. Feudal Japan? はい、もちろん。 Race to Space? Блин! Fire up the rocket boosters!

Some additional ball banging features include vast open levels full of challenges to complete. There are certain shortcuts to unlock , epic destruction, and plenty of weapons. Things like shields and other fun items let you customise your character. But Bang-On-Balls: Chronicles also gives you an edge both in combat and exploration. Add to that some extremely fun and intuitive ball-dashing with ball-smashing gameplay mechanics. Including a very silly sense of humor and it rounds things off nicely.

Bang-On-Balls: Chronicles 3D platforming is due to make its way onto Steam Early Access. This will include a Windows PC, but Linux support is coming as well. So be sure to Wishlist the game.

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