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Bannermen RTS and post release support

bannermen rts and post release support in linux mac games

Bannermen is the latest in RTS games which may just get support post release Linux and Mac. At least according to Swedish developer Pathos Interactive. The games launching on Windows next month, February 21st via Steam. Where gameplay tests your abilities as a battle commander. Since the main tasks consist of base building, resource management and battling enemy armies.

Since Pathos Interactive have a lot to do before next months release. The platform expansion to Linux and Mac support has some positive news.

“We have not planned a Linux release. It is, however, possible that we develop support for Linux and Mac post release, but we make no such promise.”

The game engine of choice is Unreal Engine 4, which explains some delicious graphics. Sadly the post release Linux support is somewhat typical. But it seems that Pathos are eager to see how the games received. And development takes time, so keeping focus on one platform is expected.

While the gameplay brings together a singleplayer, multiplayer and an online multiplayer experience. This is also where Unreal Engine 4 shines, “especially when it comes to network and unit navigation methods.”

The game takes place in a semi-fantasy medieval world that has been brutally damaged. All due to decades of war, starvation and natural disasters. While the people are in desperate need of a powerful leader, one that can unite the kingdom. Many lords claim their right, but there is only room for one banner in the kingdom capital.

Bannermen RTS Campaign Trailer (Windows, then Linux and Mac)

Bannermen will feature four game modes and an expansive game world for the taking.

Game Modes:

  • Singleplayer Campaign; take on the role of a fallen lord on his journey back to become one of the mightiest in the realm.
  • AI Skirmish; battle it out with an AI and fight for humanity.
  • Ranked Matches; climb the online ladder either alone or as a duo to prove who is the best commander.
  • Unranked Matches; try out new strategies or take it easy while still finding online matches easily.
  • Custom Games; choose your own team composition and map with up to 8 players.

Bannermen combines classic RTS elements such as base-building and resource management. With unique environmental magic. These special spells allow players to summon lightning strikes, tornadoes and volcano outbursts. And also more deadly nature-based effects which not only turn the tide of battle. But also potentially changing the face of the game world itself.

Gameplay will have you commanding troops through the war-ridden land. Placing your banner and letting no one stand in your way to fame and glory. It’s a noble game, one which will make it’s mark in online multiplayer.

For now, you can Wishlist Bannermen RTS on Steam for Linux. No price is available yet. There is also a Windows Demo available on Which is worth testing via Proton. 🙂

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