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Banzo – Marks of Slavery resource management coming

banzo marks of slavery resource management coming to linux mac windows

Banzo – Marks of Slavery is a turn-based strategy and resource management game coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. Which is somewhat of a controversial topic, since we are talking about slavery.

So the player assumes the role of Queen Zeferina. Who also commands the Vulture’s Quilombo in the Brazil imperial age. Zeferina is responsible for organizing, producing food and protecting the quilombo. While attacking farms and releasing enslaved people.

Due note that gameplay has a narrative focus. Since this puts the player in the management roll. One who is also a beacon of afro resistance during the Brazilian colonial period. The challenges include the production of resources, plot raids to free people.
While defending the quilombo against attacks and many others.

During the game experience, the player will need to make decisions that will affect directly the story outcome. Which is what has my attention.

Banzo – Marks of Slavery resource management Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Enjoy an unique and immersive storytelling
  • Play campaing mode for free mode
  • Deploy warriors to sack nearby farms
  • Train farmers to produce resources
  • Choose a deity to protect your people
  • Hear an original soundtrack

Using all available resources, train warriors and fight tough battles. Making inroads to free your enslaved brethren. While making decisions about who can join the quilombo. Be strategic and sagacious, but, above all, have faith in the deities that will help you. Resist!

Banzo – Marks of Slavery revolves around a sensitive issue. But the whole concept of the game looks interesting. Both in style and the type of gameplay. I’m actually eager to see how the combat system works. And what effects resource management has on the overall story.

Steam release:

So clearly the release date has passed, June 18th. A search in Steam shows an updated July 2nd release. Which has also passed. That being said, we are waiting on a clear release date.

Banzo – Marks of Slavery is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. Here’s hoping for good things.

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