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Bare Butt Boxing a hilarious PvP brawler

bare butt boxing hilarious pvp brawler game releases in early access for linux and windows pc

Bare Butt Boxing hilarious PvP brawler game releases in Early Access for Linux and Windows PC. Tuatara Games kicks off their effort and due to make a positive impact. Available now via Steam Early Access.

Bare Butt Boxing has just been released on Early Access. Where it is due to remain for around 10-12 months. This Linux game is a multiplayer brawler that is sure to bring some comical chaos to your gaming experience.

In Bare Butt Boxing, you get to play as one of six wacky aliens. Each with their own unique name and look. They are Froggy, Maurice, Skelly, Tallbot, Wirebot, and Fishy. The aliens have come to Earth for their thirst for mischief and mayhem, but they don’t know what it’s all about. Instead of just boxing in a ring like normal people, they want to create chaos and mayhem. Doing so by fighting each other in all sorts of crazy locations.

Bare Butt Boxing – Early Access Launch Trailer

You can choose to play Bare Butt Boxing in a tactical way, carefully planning out your moves and attacks. Or you can go all-out and knock your opponents into another galaxy. This is a Linux game that also has lots of cheeky items that you can use to sabotage your rivals. Like a flower pot that packs a punch or a remote controlled vacuum that can send everyone flying into portals.

Bare Butt Boxing takes place in different locations all over the world and even beyond. Such as the beautiful coastal Riviera or a lively skatepark. Every match that you win earns you in-game currency that you can spend on customizing your character. You can choose from colorful skins, eccentric titles, and outlandish glove designs. Like a spiffy pair of gold-embellished gauntlets.

Overall, Bare Butt Boxing is a fun and hilarious PvP brawler game. Perfect for Linux players into multiplayer brawlers. It’s easy to learn and play, but there’s also a lot of strategy involved if you want to win. The graphics and effects are amazing and the game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Priced at $14.99 USD / £11.39 / 12,49€ on Steam. Available on Linux and Windows PC.

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