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Bare Butt Boxing multiplayer port details

bare butt boxing chaotic multiplayer game has linux port details with windows pc

Bare Butt Boxing chaotic multiplayer game has Linux port details with Windows PC. Thanks to further details from the creative minds behind Tuatara Games. Working to make its way onto Steam, soon.

Bare Butt Boxing is the comically chaotic multiplayer brawler. Due to arrive thanks to AAA visual effects studio Tuatara Games. Who is also preparing to release the game on Windows PC via Steam Early Access in Q4 2022. Followed by a full 1.0 launch in 2023. But Linux support is due to be in the mix.

It [Linux] is planned but will most likely come at a later time during or after Early Access.

This is the Forum reply from Tuatara Games. While this is good news, there is no time frame just yet. Since it will revolve around demands placed on the team during Early Access. Personally, I’d much prefer to see an Early Access release.
Plus the games also developed in Unity 3D, which should offer decent support for Proton, until we have a native build.

Entranced by the sport of boxing, mischievous alien youngsters descend upon Earth. They are also due to mimic their favorite fighters. Prepare for clothing free, trap ridden matches in the farthest corners of the planet. Romp around in 6 player free for all brawls across colorful locations. Doing so around the globe and even in space. No referees are involved!

Bare Butt Boxing – Story Trailer

Launch opponents through goals in local and online multiplayer to score the most points. Doing whatever it takes to become the victor. Dash for game changing power-ups like electric fists and explosive sticky bombs. Stay alert and avoid traps, pitfalls, and other surprising hazards. Since they can spell instant disaster. Deck out champions with cool customizations unlocked solely through playing. Climb atop the leaderboards, leaving no ifs, ands, or butts on who’s the champ.

Bare Butt Boxing chaotic multiplayer game will be available on Steam Early Access in Q4 2022. Followed by the full release on Linux and Windows PC in 2023. But Linux support is due to arrive during Early Access.

Stay up-to-date on the official website or by following the studio on Twitter, YouTube, and Discord.

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