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Barotrauma code rewrite update for modding

barotrauma update code rewrite for modding the game on linux mac and windows pc

Barotrauma update code rewrite for modding the game on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All due to the recent announcement from developers FakeFish and Undertow Games. Which is available still going strong on Steam Early Access and discount on Humble Store.

Indie developers FakeFish and Undertow Games have released more code. Adding more unity for their hilarious multiplayer sci-fi submarine simulator Barotrauma. A game that sends up to 16 players on an underwater journey. Doing so beneath the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa. There, players are discovering alien wonders and/or horrors. Command various submarine systems and fight to survive dangers from both outside as well as within. Doing so on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

Now, Barotrauma is getting a code rewrite to help with modding. This is impressive, given the already 89% Positive reviews. But changes are coming in hot with the last update for the game.

We’re busy at work on the next Barotrauma update again. And the first part of it that we wanted to write to you about has to do with modding. To put it simply, over the past year we have been quietly rewriting large chunks of Barotrauma‘s code where it relates to modding. This has been done to make things easier for everyone who makes mods, everyone who uses mods, and for ourselves as well.

While this overhaul should not break your existing mods. It will be of interest to anyone who creates or plays with non-vanilla content. With the modding refactor, we not only streamline mod-making and related settings. But also address long standing Barotrauma issues. Things like mod load order getting scrambled with new updates. Changes on your own custom subs being accidentally overwritten when you try to upload a new version to the Steam Workshop.

These are certainly some big game changes currently under. But they don’t stop there, you can see a full breakdown of what’s going on in the blog. AND, if you’re brave enough, test out the unstable version for yourself.

Barotrauma – Feature Trailer

Barotrauma’s thrilling and often hilarious chaos is both fun to play and watch. All thanks to procedurally generated levels. Including crazy ragdoll physics, and yes, full mod support. But due note, some threats are closer than you think. Multiplayer’s traitor mode option may randomly assign players as secret traitors. Complete with their own missions like assassination and sabotage.

Barotrauma update code rewrite for modding the game is ongoing. Available for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Available Steam Early Access for $29,99 / £21,49 / €24,99 but offers a 75% discount on Humble Store.

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