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Barotrauma submarine crew survival announced

barotrauma submarine crew survival announced in linux mac windows games

Barotrauma is a submarine crew survival announced for Linux, Mac and Windows games. Daedalic Entertainment revealed the next new title in their 2019 portfolio. Together with Finnish developers FakeFish and Undertow Games. The Hamburg publisher has announced Barotrauma. Which is coming to Early Access this Spring.

Barotrauma is a game your submarine crew fights for survival underwater. Doing so in the far reaches of our solar system. Sounds wild? Well, it is.
In Barotrauma, up to 16 players manage submarine systems. While working to survive in sub-zero temperatures. And explore an alien ocean. The co-op multiplayer simulation will also go into Steam Early Access this spring.

Barotrauma takes place in the near future. While gutsy adventurers leave Earth. Settling onto Jupiter’s watery moon Europa. In this nasty environment, human life is only possible in the ocean. Also deep below the moon’s frozen surface.
So this is where you and your brave crew come in. But also not just humans who fight for survival.

Barotrauma – Teaser Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

As a member of a submarine crew in Barotrauma. You are working to direct your vessel. Going through the dangerous climate. Exploring alien ruins and completing difficult missions. Players must also manage all kinds of on-board systems. Such as the nuclear reactor, sonar and guns. As well as machines and more.
Thanks to a unique crafting system. The crew can create tools, medicines and weapons. All they need to help in their survival.

It is important to act quickly and in vital form. Since you will face unexpected crashes.
Apart from the role of captain. There are also four different classes. Since up to 16 players can join the crew of one submarine. Procedurally generated levels and events. This also makes for almost endless but tense fun.
So whether you dive into the depths with your friends. Or just watch other players’ battle the dangers below. It’s all up to you.


  • Manage difficult submarine systems. While trying to survive in the depths below Europa. One of Jupiter’s frozen moons.
  • Explore a huge ocean full of alien life. Also ruins and other secrets daring to explore.
  • Work together in a stressful 2D co-op multiplayer. Including up to 16 players. You can also betray friends in Traitor Mode.
  • Complex management and crafting systems.
  • Procedurally created levels and events ensure no two games are the same.
  • Distinct animation style and ragdoll physics.
  • Monster Maker: Transform the game via Steam workshop and create your own sprites, submarines, levels – or alien monsters – for other players to download.

Barotrauma is coming to Early Access this Spring. The games also going to release on Linux, Mac and Windows. While the release date or price are still TBD.

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