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Barotrauma update Among the Ancients launches

barotrauma among the ancients game update launches on linux mac windows pc

Barotrauma Among the Ancients game update launches on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the work and creativity of developers FakeFish and Undertow Games. Also available with huge discount Steam and Humble Store.

The chilling sci-fi submarine sim Barotrauma is on sale unitl November 15th at 7PM CET. So that players can get the game at 75% off on Steam and 70% off on Humble Store. Which is also the game’s deepest discount ever. For anyone who wants to take that submarine for a spin first, Barotrauma offers a Free Weekend on Steam. As expected, this will run until Monday.

Barotrauma sends up to 16 players on an underwater journey in a sci-fi submarine. While you explore the oceanic depths of Jupiter’s moon Europa. The crew discovers alien wonders and horrors. While commanding various submarine systems and fighting to survive dangers. Doing so from both outside and within. Plus the game is continuously being updated and improved.

Barotrauma has recently received the large “Among the Ancients” update. Completely overhauling the creepy ancient ruins. While adding a character progression system and making characters more diverse. As a result, the game has seen its all time high of concurrent players on Steam. Now with more than 10k players manning their submarines at the same time.

Barotrauma update trailer: Among the Ancients

Barotrauma characters are getting an upgrade with many new hair styles. Including facial features and accessories. You can now change the skin tone, due to the addition of the skin shader system. While character animations and proportions are now more realistic. They still retain their trademark ragdoll appearance and movement for maximum viewing. Characters are also getting a makeover of their inner values. The new talent system gives each class specific talents. As well as buffs that you can unlock with experience points. This makes classes more distinct and valuable. So that each player can shape their own character more freely.

To continue playing after the free event, you can now also buy the game with a big 75% discount off the $29.99 USD price. For some extra Barotrauma lore, don’t forget to check out the Supporter edition. Offering a 76% discount on Steam. Which is also discounted for the duration of the free weekend. While Humble Store devotees can buy the base game with a 70% discount. This sale will be live for two weeks. All offering support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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