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Barrels o’ Fun is the latest free update to Dead Cells

barrels o’ fun is the latest free update to dead cells for linux mac windows pc

Barrels o’ Fun is latest free update to Dead Cells on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the good folks at Motion Twin and Evil Empire. Along with a big discount on both Steam and GOG, but sadly not Humble Store.

Dead Cells’ latest free update, Barrels o’ Fun, is now available on Steam. The 20th update to the award winning game dishes out a deadly new level. While this harkens back to happier days. Since players will encounter an industrial playground of doom complete with broken bottles. There are even barrels (some that players can interact with). Not to mention pipes venting steam. As well as other now defunct remnants of a once functioning distillery.

But what’s a new level Dead Cells without new enemies? Barrels o’ Fun brings some huge fellas who’ll throw some pretty big explosive barrels your way. As new mimics hide among the benign barrels in the corridors. They may not be the toughest of enemies on their own. But they certainly have a devastating self-destruct which can end your run fairly efficiently. They’re also pretty fast so keep on your toes.

Dead Cells: Barrels o’ Fun Gameplay Trailer

But Evil Empire and Motion Twin are arming you with all new weaponry. So you can tackle these new foes. And since you’re about to get some barrels thrown at you in Dead Cells. Why not throw them right back? The Barrels o’ Fun update introduces the Barrel Launcher. A bazooka style weapon that fires bouncing, exploding barrels.

Exploding barrels are all around the distillery so watch your step. And your back, and your front. Everywhere, really. Just keep your ear to the ground and your eyes peeled.

Speaking of ears, this new update comes with a whole new soundtrack – classics have been reworked in the style of chiptune 8-bit music for your listening pleasure. It makes for a pleasant and deadly experience.

As always, the complete list of Barrels o’ Fun updates can be found here. Dead Cells has a 40% discount on both Steam and GOG. Dropping the price down to $14.99 USD. But sadly not Humble Store which is still priced at $24.99 USD. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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