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Bartending simulator VA-11 HALL-A coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC

VA-11 HALL-A is an upcoming bartending simulator set in an Anime-style #cyberpunk world, from +SukebanGames. In it, the player mixes drinks and chats with the clientele, all of whom live in a bleak, corporate-trampled dystopia.

From theVA-11 HALL-A website: “You are a bartender at VA-11 HALL-A, affectionately nicknamed ‘Valhalla.’ Although it is just a small bar downtown, it attracts the most fascinating people this side of dystopia. Keep your clients lubricated and you will be made privy to the most interesting stories.”

Check out the trailer for examples of the drink-mixing, story-driven action.

The prologue is available for free now on the game’s website, though paying $4.99 nets you the full game when it comes out. The full version of VA-11 HALL-A is due out in December, for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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