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Basements n’ Basilisks TTRPG out today

basements n' basilisks: storms of sorcery visual novel ttrpg game launches on linux mac windows pc

Basements n’ Basilisks: Storms of Sorcery visual novel TTRPG game launches on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. This is all due to the creative minds behind developer eNVy softworks. Available on Steam today.

eNVy softworks is more than eager to launch its brand new visual novel parody RPG titled Basements n’ Basilisks: Storms of Sorcery (Bn’B). It’s also a visual novel RPG game paying satirical homage to the world’s greatest tabletop RPG. All while offering Linux tabletop fans a memorable single-player party experience. All taking place in the magical land of Kaltrion. Introducing a rather peculiar party, complete with a pacifist Wood Dwarf and an over-imaginative Hedge Witch. There is also and a pyromaniac Pyromancer, with all of them guided throughout the lands of Kaltrion by Spencer, the Basement Master. The team could use a Fighter, and that’s where you come into Basements n’ Basilisks: Storms of Sorcery.

The party invites the Fighter not only to assist them in battle, but also to help resolve any conflicts that may arise. You know, things like important decision making. Get to know them better and make friends (as well as enemies). Roll dice as they play the world’s second greatest TTRPG.

Basements n’ Basilisks: Storms of Sorcery Announcement Trailer

To nobody’s surprise, the party finds themselves in sticky situations. All while facing off against formidable opponents. Such as Goblins, airborne, gnarly creatures and… rather talkative trees. It’s up to you to help the party decide how to face these tests. Basements n’ Basilisks: Storms of Sorcery lets you befriend dangerous beasts as well as committing arson.

Both the setting and story of the game are heavily influenced by tabletop RPG gameplay. Despite being a single-player experience the game is designed to invoke feelings of playing a game with friends around a table.

  • Roll Dice: It’s inspired by tabletop RPGs, of course you get to roll dice.A lot of them? Wanna do something weird or hard? The Basement Master will let you know what skill to roll. And they will decide what happens depending on your results!
  • Make important choices: What is a story game without a few good choices? Make important (mostly) choices as you dive deeper into Basements n’ Basilisks: Storms of Sorcery. While offering a branching story that leads to multiple (two counts as multiple) endings. Of course, this all depends on your actions.
  • Build Relationships: Build, strengthen or even ruin your relationships with other characters. Form deep connections or distance yourself from the rest of your party. They keep track of every detail so act accordingly.
  • Explore Kaltrion: Explore the mystical land of Kaltrion. Meet its denizens and face its hazards. Chase the Gemstorm and figure out what happened to Riora Lightspark. All while trying not to annoy the Basement Master too much.

Basements n’ Basilisks: Storms of Sorcery visual novel TTRPG game launches on Steam. Priced at $2.69 USD / £2.24 / 2,69€, including the 10% launch discount. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.