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Basingstoke roguelike arcade action releases

basingstoke roguelike arcade action releases in linux mac windows games

Basingstoke is a tense rogue-like that mixes stealth and arcade action game for Linux, Mac and Windows. Well it’s also officially available today. Since it is fact the worse place to be than anyone had previously imagined. Which is now dealing with an alien invasion from the evil moon Titan.

Basingstoke Alpha 3 Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Check out the scientist with the huge forehead. Well he’s balding but DAMN!!

So as you play, loot and craft as you explore. Since you can toss a tasty sausage roll as a diversion. Or poison a kebab for bait. While sneaking up to knock a monster out with a whack from a cricket bat. Or just slice them up with a chainsaw. Tranquillize them with a dart fired from a homemade blowpipe.

Or set them alight with a DIY flamethrower. Sine there are over a hundred useable items to loot or craft.

Also, mae sure to use stealth to sneak, weapons to attack. And if if all else fails, run!

But be very careful. Since one bite means you will be torn apart to become a tasty snack for monsters. Violence is your last resort. Sneaking, skullduggery, and ambush are your tactics.

Puppygames’ director Caspian Prince says, “No-one actually reads press releases about games any more, which is a shame as the contents of this one might actually save your life if you find yourself unexpectedly stuck in Basingstoke.”

We’ve made possibly the most hyper-realistic simulation of small-town England after dark that’s ever been attempted before,” says Caspian Prince. “After a few hours’ play you should be an expert in survival after pub closing time.”

Arcade action Releases:

Basingstoke and the arcade action releases today for 64-bit systems running Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam,, GOG and Humble Store with a launch discount down to $25.49 USD. Your primary motive is to escape Basingstoke alive, like any normal person would want to do, using a careful balance of stealth, distraction, backstabbing, running away, and as a last resort, extreme violence. Basingstoke is renowned for its fine blend of procedurally generated and handcrafted levels, stuffed with hordes of vicious monsters and leftover kebabs.

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