Batman: Arkham Knight video explains more about dual play gameplay

Currently we are just over a month from the Windows PC #release of a new #Rocksteady Arkham Knight. If you are you looking forward to the release as much as we are, maybe you might like to know more about ‘dual play’. This is Rocksteady’s term for Arkham Knight’s character #coop punching.

The dual play system functions by using an AI team-mate joining Batman in the middle of a battle. Throughout a fight, players can switch between Batman and his comrad by combining and building up to the same combo in gameplay. Then that big enough combo, players then execute a special finishing move while both of the heroes work simultaneously to take out a foe.

This whole new combat idea adds further complexity to the gameplay. Which means, players will have to “practice” the feature to really make the best use out of it. And having another AI in the midst of combat does create a different vibe to the gameplay, but this could make the Arkham Knight combat more exciting for the series.

Batman: Arkham Knight is expect to release on June 23, with the Linux build coming this fall.


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