Battle Chef Brigade, cooking and hunting monsters now on Kickstarter

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Trinket Studios has 3officially put Battle Chef Brigade up on Kickstarter for funding. This wonderful little game is set to task players with #hunting monsters in 2D combat, picking up their meat and using all the goodies found to impress judges in #cooking contests.

Battle Chef Brigade fuses the dangerous monsters and fun characters of traditional high fantasy with the lightning pace and creative passion of our favorite cooking competitions. The campaign in Battle Chef Brigade has you play as three different chefs vying against one another to win the annual Battle Chef Royale. Each elimination round, chefs must produce as many quality dishes as they can before the time limit is up. Contestants must also be careful to mind the round’s required ingredients, special rules, and the preferences of each judge. Of course, Battle Chefs only work with the freshest ingredients that they’ve gathered themselves. So if you’re seeking the finest filet of dragon, you’ll have to subdue the mighty beast yourself in the Kitchen Stadium Arena. The winner of the tournament gains induction to the renowned Battle Chef Brigade: a cadre of those with the most elite martial and culinary skill.

Yep, Battle Chef Brigade had our attention when we first got word of it earlier this year.



  • Unique free-form cooking mechanics. You decide what to make and how to make it!
  • Gorgeous hand-animated 2D art.
  • Great cast of fantasy chefs.
  • Deadly and delicious monsters. Subdue them in the arena!

Trinket Studios team quit their game industry jobs because they wanted the creative freedom to make something awesome.

We released two tiny mobile games soon after forming Trinket, including the very well received Color Sheep. Battle Chef Brigade is the type of game that we quit out jobs to make. We’ve self-funded BCB for over a year now. We spent a lot of time prototyping the creative Kitchen mode, since it’s the toughest design challenge. These prototypes were invaluable for nailing down which aspects of cooking could be nicely abstracted into clear, fun mechanics and which were just too clunky. On the programming side, we’ve been able to keep building on our years of industry experience. Integrating new characters, foods, and chef challenges will be a straightforward process since we’ve been preparing for them all along. We invested a good chunk of our time building a robust combat system that integrates into our animation tools. Our biggest remaining tasks are related to our illustrated, hand-animated art style. There are very few shortcuts to creating hand-drawn animations and environments. Our tools help smooth out the process, but each chef and monster still requires a lot of Photoshop time!

Trinket Studios is seeking $38,000 to push Battle Chef Brigade to completion. The game will release on the Linux, Mac and Windows PC platforms, and it will be available through Steam and the Humble Store.

$15 in backing will get you a DRM-free copy of the game on the platform of your choice. The higher tiers bring in beta access, in-game content, physical merchandise and even becoming a celebrity judge in the actual game itself. That one cracks me up.

Battle Chef Brigade is not slated to release until 2016, so backing this effort would be playing the long game. Still, if you like offbeat titles with gorgeous assets and a penchant for the crazy world of cooking, I suggest you give this one some consideration.

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