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Battle for Gaming first person shooter launches

battle for gaming first person shooter launches in linux mac windows games

Battle for Gaming is the newest first person shooter game that launches for Linux, Mac and Windows. With the one time price. Players get full access to shop, Lootboxes and also the DLC management system. Even the Live Services, all includes with the base game on Steam.

In Battle for Gaming all in-game purchases are just there for player choices. So only cosmetic in nature. Developer Burgseiten Studios also wants the player to feel that pride and accomplishment. So you can get upgrades through DLCs, Lootboxes and Live Services. But with out crazy prices on top of the base game. Also note, Battle for Gaming is a singleplayer game.

So here is why Burgseiten put all of that additional monetization into a full priced game. All of that additional monetisation is totally necessary for this day and age. Because of the immense and constant rising costs of video game development. Look no further than Battle for Gaming.

Battle for Gaming – Release Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Shoot hostile Lootboxes in the face. But be aware, they might shoot back
  • Upgrade your character through DLC fragments, Lootboxes and Live Services
  • Earn “Different Currencies” (DCs – the in-game currency) through kill combos and melee attacks
  • Every dollar spent on this game is guaranteed a dollar NOT spent on an actual Lootbox or other Live Service

Even though a lot of the tools used to create this game are open source. That one developer working on game develops out of his parents basement. So the cost for the games a steady flow of soda pops and coffee. Which is what that one single developer gets instead of an actual wage. So this justifies the urgent need for all the additional monetization schemes.
Since all those soda pops and cups of coffee will not pay for themselves, will they?

If you are ready to do battle in Battle for Gaming. The games launches for $6.15 USD right now, including the 12% discount until January 16th.

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