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Battle Hunters squad based RPG “a possibility”

battle hunters squad based RPG coming to windows pc but may also be available to game on linux

Battle Hunters squad based RPG coming to Windows PC but may also be available to game on Linux. Thanks to a reply from independent developer Phase Two. With a release due to make it’s way onto Steam next month.

Battle Hunters the squad based RPG will bring some classic fantasy adventure. Plus a unique and original tactical combat to Windows PC in October. But there is also hope for a Linux port as well.

We would say that a Linux version is a possibility. But depends upon the success of the initial platforms.
There is nothing that necessarily prevents us porting across. But we will have to wait and see.

Due note the game engine is custom, called Chaos Engine. But does include the FMOD API for sound. Which also does have Linux support. But a native build is obviously a “wait and see”. While the email reply does show a great deal of hope to game on Linux. The key here is to not overstep Phase Two’s intent. Since a port will be directly influenced but the games initial sales. While Battle Hunters itself definitely has my attention.

The Kingdom is in Danger and the oldest and wisest wizard stands alone. The last bastion of hope, struggling to keep a nameless villain at bay. Battle Hunters players will command a team of 3 plucky adventurers. While plunging headlong into dungeons, caves, forests and swamps. As they heed the call for help from the old one.

Battle Hunters coming soon to Switch and Steam

A huge variety of beastly enemies and monstrous villains will impede your quest. All hellbent on your party’s destruction. While you make your way across different regions of the kingdom. Yet mighty heroes also stand ready to join the fight. As your valiant band takes on the forces of darkness. From the Great Forest, inhabited by devious goblins and lumbering trolls. To the Battle Hunters high Cliffs of Desolation. Where vicious gargoyles and unstoppable stone golems await you.

Battle Hunters offers a unique and intuitive combat system. Since it combines strategic command of your heroes. Along with a combination of turned based and real time action. Combat takes place with melee and ranged characters. All armed with all manner of swords, spells, blades and blasters. But your heroes can get a upgrade and swapped around. Then can also be mixed and matched to tailor make a party. So that you have a better fighting chance. Locked chests and barrels of food keep your heroes well fed. And providing plenty of loot to keep your pockets full of gold. Mini quests provide short term objectives. While also driving the overall story forward.

The Party, Skill and Abilities:

With a more strategic approach to combat. Battle Hunters lets players form an adventurer party of 3. It’s still a singeplayer game, but you have a choice of 28 unique hero characters. Who are met and recruited along the journey. Be it the Wizard, the Barbarian, the Rogue or any other hero. Each has their own specialized fighting skills and unique abilities. So that players can level up and enhance in the adventure. Different heroes bring a range of strengths and weaknesses to the battle. Such as a wide array of enemies to confront. The player must use the right combination of heroes to suit their own battle style, and to ensure victory.

Battle Hunters squad based RPG arrives on Steam in October. Due to arrive on Windows PC but hopefully game on Linux as well. Given the success of the original launch. You can also Wishlist the game now on Steam.

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