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Battle of the Heodenings releases for Linux

battle of the heodenings dead in vinland hits for linux mac windows games

The Battle of the Heodenings hits for Dead in Vinland in Windows and Mac games, including Linux. So thanks to developer CCCP and publisher Playdius launches the new DLC. While the Viking-themed in-depth survival management sim releases new content. This is available now on Steam and GOG.

Also, the Linux, Mac and Windows release of Dead in Vinland has a major DLC. The Battle of the Heodenings releases for $4.99 USD / €4.99/adding a new sandbox-style endless mode to the game.

Linux Support for Battle Of The Heodenings:

“Yes, the DLC does have a Linux build 🙂 We put it online at the same time as the PC build.”

While named after the tale of an endless battle from Norse mythology. The Battle of the Heodenings is the second DLC out of three releases with a focus on the survival aspects of the game. While offering the ultimate challenge. Where player customize their initial party, skills and traits. While work to survive for as long as humanly possible. An endless map also awaits with increasingly difficult tributes. As well as new skills, traits and merchants.

Dead in Vinland Trailer (Windows, Mac and Linux)

So for those who do not know, Dead in Vinland is a survival management sim. Gameplay centers around a family, exiled and stranded on a mysterious island. Since they are forced to work together. And also tame the land and fight for their survival.

Players must care for their struggling community. While managing both their physical and mental health. As well as helping them defend themselves in tactical turn-based combat The Battle of the Heodenings.
Explore the island and the characters with meaningful choices. Since this will lead the heroes through desperation, joy and maybe even romance.


  • Deep survival management sim: To survive the harsh lands of Vinland players will have to carefully balance the wants and needs of their growing community with the constant struggle for resources and safety. Dead in Vinland offers a satisfyingly deep survival management experience with tasks including gathering building materials, securing a supply of food, taking care of the mental and physical health of characters, fighting diseases and wounds, rationing water supplies and enduring the rough and merciless seasons.
  • Challenging strategic battles: Keeping the community safe means facing nerve-wracking turn-based battles. In epic encounters of The Battle of the Heodenings. Players will be able to take on the challenge in their own way, forming their perfect team with a mix of offence, defence and support chosen from over 600 character traits.
  • Build your base and manage your community: The island community will grow to groups of up to 14 playable characters, each with their own strengths, flaws and stories. The only way to survive is to expand the shelter with a choice of more than 130 upgrades.

A huge storline:

  • Shape the tale of the heroes: Dead in Vinland offers a vast storyline with over 70 non-linear quests, each choice will decide the fate of the community. Relationships evolve with meaningful dialogue choices, giving the player the chance to get to know the heroes as they experience joy, desperation and even romance.

“We were very pleased with the original launch of Dead in Vinland and the community feedback. That’s why it’s great that we can not only bring the Viking lands of the game to new Switch players but also expand the game.”, says Matthieu Richez, Game Designer and co-founder at CCCP.  “It’s really exciting that we can add an in-depth and super challenging endless mode to the game with the “The Battle of the Heodenings” DLC. Its perfect for all fans that want to fully focus on the management and RPG elements of the game.”

Dead in Vinland Battle Of The Heodenings is available for Linux, Mac and Windows. Also priced at $4.99 USD on Steam and GOG.

Also, stay up to date on the latest for Dead In Vinland. Visit the Dead in Vinland official website . Follow the game on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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  • WarfaceZ
    Jan 31, 2019 9:06 am

    Hi, gameplay is for Re-Legion, no for Dead in Vinland – Battle Of The Heodenings 😉

    • Todd B.
      Jan 31, 2019 12:30 pm

      Thanks for the notice. All fixed. 🙂