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Battle Planet new Trailer and dev support

battle planet judgement day new trailer and game dev support for linux windows pc

Battle Planet — Judgement Day has a new trailer for Windows PC and we have Linux support details. Thanks to developer Threaks and publisher Wild River. The games due to release on Steam sometime this September.

Linux Support:

So far we do not expect a Linux release. Which doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen in the future. The engine we’re using is Unity3D. With some custom made aspects done by our programmers.

This is the recent message from developer Threaks. Who putting due time, effort and creativity into the launch.
This reply also offers a fair bit of commitment. Since Unity 3D should make the port straight forward. And likewise Proton support could be a workaround. But I’d prefer a native Linux release.

Battle Planet — Judgement Day has a new trailer. As a result of the upcoming fast action space shooter. That is if ceaseless high octane mayhem is what you crave. Battle Planet is probably for you!
Similarly, in this latest game trailer, we have some explosive gameplay. Since the team gives you a fresh look at its frantic intergalactic combat.
So strap on a spacesuit. Check out all the furious, full throttle, planet crushing action.

Battle Planet – Judgement Day: Gameplay Trailer

Certainly this is a top down rogue-lite. Battle Planet — Judgement Day puts you in the moon boots of a wanted criminal. While you fight through hordes of enemies across the galaxy. Hop into your armed-to-the-teeth space fighter. Blast through waves of futuristic foes. Including aliens, robots and space police.
Likewise, kick in the afterburners and roar across the surface of alien worlds. Destroying foes and moving on to even more challenging planets.

Your goal in Battle Planet – Judgement Day is simple: survive. Touch down on planets infested with deadly aliens. All intent on cutting your life short. Then blast your way around its rotating surface. While taking out anything in your path, quickly. Or suffer a destructive demise.
You can also team up with comrades-in-arms. As a result of the local-co-op split-screen action. Finish all the planets in a star system? Jump to another with ever more deadly foes. Your ship also receives a steady stream of upgrades. Making it more devastating and durable.

Battle Planet – Judgement Day is due to release on Windows PC. Despite not having a release date yet. We have some solid odds of seeing Linux support.

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