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Battlesloths twin stick arcade shooter on Greenlight for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Battlesloths having been #released for the Humble Monthly and currently #available for voting on Steam #Greenlight recreates that Bomberman kind of mindset: that sensation of being trapped in a box with three other crazy murderers.

Battlesloths is the fast-paced local multiplayer competitive twin-stick shooter of your slothy dreams. Compete with up to 4 human players or play against AI sloths should you be short of friends. Use a myriad of weaponry, each with their own strategies, to destroy your enemies in a quest to collect the most pizza.

12 unique weapons, 7 game modes, customizable battle settings, team vs. options, free for all, a nuke and more hats than you can fit on 50 sloths heads; you’ll have plenty to do as you train to become the ultimate gun-toting, hoverboarding, pizza eating sloth on the block! Revel in the silliness of the slothpacalypse, shoot everything that moves and start hoarding pizza!

Battlesloths all began at a Game Jam, as the developers Invisible Collective worked to produce a simple game in a matter of hours. Which still bears the marks of improvisational development, apparently emerging from two incredibly important questions: “Can we have pizza?” And “Can we have sloths?”

The gameplay harkens back to the 80’s and 90’s with hints of Battletoads, Bomberman and the multiplayer mode of Super Mario Bros 3. It looks tricky and with a select number of other games in the current generation having recreated those feeling, like Towerfall: Ascension featuring almost savage multiplayer modes more challenging than expected. Battlesloths follows that same hyper-90’s tradition.

If the guns, lazer sword, blasters and the high kill count were not enough, Battlesloths also features hoverboards that can slide your sloth halfway across an arena. Creating an interesting dynamic to your already crazy gameplay.

While Battlesloths was previously available on Humble Monthly, we are looking to help spread the word and head over to the Battlesloth Steam Greenlight page and vote.