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BattleSouls fast-paced PvP action launches Free today on Steam


BattleSouls is built on quick decisions and even #faster #gameplay. Class change is king, and the heroes you choose will heavily define the impact you have on the battlefield. Jump into the fast-paced #action as BattleSouls launches for FREE on Steam today.

In a 3rd-person, 5v5 brawl, take control of the battlefield by changing your classes on the fly, and by going on the offensive to destroy the enemy’s Soul Crystal within their base. Pick three classes and protect the inhibitor that stands at the centre of the battlefield. Without its control, your team’s Soul Crystal can be damaged, and can be destroyed with a well-thought-out attack. BattleSouls combines buffs, a multi-level battlefield, and the ability to change your class on the fly to create engaging 10-15 minute showdowns with your friends.

‘We are using Unity so in theory Linux should be easy to do, but there are some bumps in the road, for example we use Linear Lighting space in the game and it is not supported by Unity on Linux.”

With five classes and four arenas at launch, BattleSouls offers a variety of builds and varied environments for players to sink their teeth into from the get-go! For more information on BattleSouls‘ upcoming updates, follow on Steam.


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