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BATTLETECH hits Kickstarter funding goal within an hour for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Legendary BattleTech is all about #mech combat, a game #franchise that is now returning to the Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Harebrained Schemes just launched a Kickstarter, having already #achieved the $250,000 (£164,400) funding goal in just 53 minutes.  Having already raised over $1,200,000 USD. Marking the first turn-based PC BattleTech game in over 20 years.

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BATTLETECH is in development for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC in English and will be delivered in standard and DRM-free versions on Steam, GoG, and Humble stores. The game will also be made available in German, French, and Russian (with localized text, and audio subtitles) in a post-launch update. Other platforms and languages may be announced at a later stage. BATTLETECH is expected to launch in early 2017.”

Described as “a universe of flawed heroes, fallen empires and grey moral realities. Great families vie for supremacy, with alliances and betrayals constantly shifting the balance of power.”BATTLETECH sets giant robot battles against a background of political scheming while fighting to control a region of space known as the Inner Sphere. Years of combat between these houses shows the fighting mechs and their power has decreased in number, becoming rare and a rather precious commodity. Succeess in battle means players will be able to afford to keep their MechWarriors paid-for and in fighting shape.


Players will take control of four mechs, these vastly powerful combat robots will piloted by mercenary MechWarriors battlefield confrontations against rival hardware. All of this action will be turn-based, singleplayer mission, which may extend to PVP multiplayer combat if the Kickstarter reaches $2.5m. And Harebrained Schemes is looking to make the gameplay fast-paced, with skirmishes set out to last roughly 30 minutes.

BattleTech began as a turn-based tabletop wargame in 1984, with only a few of the digital recreations coming close to the same tabletop Battletech is looking to do. Previous PC titles include the current MechWarrior Online, a free-to-play multiplayer action game, where players take control of a combat mech. Other titles includes in the series include the successful first-person MechWarrior PC games released between 1995 and 2002, along with the MechCommander real-time strategy games.

Jordan Weisman, original creator of the BattleTech and MechWarrior tabletop games leads this project. Along with the Shadowrun and Crimson Skies tabletop games, both of which have made a successful transition to PC. Joining him on this mission is Mike McCain of Harebrained Schemes, who will be publishing this new game along with the Shadowrun Returns games, and of course Mitch Gitelman, the designer of the MechCommader titles.

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